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Our Mission

You want to get found on search engines and connect with new customers, but you’re overwhelmed by jargon and hype from digital marketing and website ‘experts’.  Perfect Motion builds websites for real businesses like yours. We give you the skills which ensure your successful business becomes a successful online business.  We understand SEO, blogging, social media, online ranking and all the important elements of internet marketing.  But we don’t expect you to.  We give advice and guidance in lay-terms to help you master online communications.  The end result?  Rather than an inconvenience, your website and online marketing becomes an asset which supports your business, your growth and your goals. 


“We talk sense not technical jargon”

James west - perfect motion

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We can help you with:


Website/online review

website design and build

search engine optimisation (SEO)

digital marketing strategies

Content marketing 

Blogging and social media 


What's your online challenge?

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I don’t understand online marketing jargon

I need help with SEO and digital marketing
I want to manage my own online marketing

I don’t like talking to media agencies
I want customers to find my business online

I have no online presence